Executive Committee

JUCS Executive Committee (2020-2021) 

President: Grace Yau
Vice President: Valerie Yuen

Vice President:  Lianna Yuen
Head of Sponsorship:  Hattie Chung
Head of
Sponsorship: Janice Lam
Head of Events: Ashley Au

Head of Events: Kiki Chan

Head of Law: Inky Sham

Head of Law: Charlotte Lau
Head of Marketing: Valerie Yuen

Head of Marketing: Valerie Yuen

Head of Media & Publications: Rachel Lam
Head of Publications: Antony Lau

Head of Media: Ashley Au

Head of Finance: Conrad Ng

Head of Finance: Hondy Chui



Our executive committee strives to provide Hong Kong undergraduates with the chance to network,
and appreciating the diversity, richness, and quality of employment opportunities back in Hong Kong.
We always aim for innovations and ideas that benefit both companies and undergraduates. 




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