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Executive Committee

JUCS Executive Committee (2023-2024) 

President: Marx Wong (LSE)
Internal Vice President: Adrienne Ng (UCL)

External Vice President:  Jasmine Wan (KCL)

Head of Finance: Julian Tsoi (Durham)

Head of Finance: Ming Cheung (UCL)

Head of Law: Cyrus Zee (KCL)

Head of Law: Celina Deng (Warwick)

Head of STEM: William Sit (Warwick)

Head of STEM: Henry Yu (Imperial)

Head of Sponsorship: Priscilla Choi (Bristol)
Head of Sponsorship: Shun Leung (Warwick)

Head of Media: Karina Yau (KCL)

Head of Marketing: Tiffany Lau (Warwick)
Head of Events: Rachel Ngai (UCL)



Our executive committee strives to provide Hong Kong undergraduates with the chance to network,
and appreciating the diversity, richness, and quality of employment opportunities back in Hong Kong.
We always aim for innovations and ideas that ben
efit both companies and undergraduates. 




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