Executive Committee

JUCS Executive Committee (2018-19) 

President: Kenneth Cheung 
Vice President: Jane Chan

Vice President:  Krystal Yip
Head of Sponsorship:  Jeanne Hui
Head of
Sponsorship: Matthew Chan
Head of Events: Gina Chan

Head of Events: Tori Ip

Head of Law: Karen Wu
Head of Marketing: Arwen Yeung

Head of Marketing: Gina Chan

Head of Publication: Mioie Kwok

Head of Publication: Cynthia Chiu
Head of Media: Tiffany Wong

Head of Media: Cynthia Chiu

Head of Finance: Brandon Chan

Head of Finance: Danielle Leung



Our executive committee strives to provide Hong Kong undergraduates the chance to network, and appreciating the diversity, richness, and quality of employment opportunities back in Hong Kong. We always aim for innovations and ideas that benefit both companies and undergraduates.