Words from President & Advisor



Building connections is at the heart of our work at the UK Joint University Hong Kong Career Society (JUCS). Whether it be bridging the Hong Kong student communities in the UK through our 40 supporting societies, or connecting high-calibre students with career opportunities offered by the 21 industry-leading companies at our annual career fair, the JUCS platform provides invaluable career support and advocates a proactive career culture within the UK-HK student body.


JUCS was established 7 years years ago to bridge the gap between Hong Kong students studying overseas and employers at home. Today, our society remains the largest student career network in Hong Kong that exclusively targets UK universities. Our annual career fair attracted over 700 students in 2015, with 24 leading companies from a wide range of industries. As we further develop our relationships with partner societies and improve our presence in major universities, we expect to engage and attract more high achieving students to join our network and attend our events.


For our company partners, JUCS strives to provide top quality service to ensure that we connect all of our sponsors with passionate, ambitious, and capable candidates. The establishment of Hong Kong Career Teams in conjunction with five partner societies, as well as our dedicated efforts to build nation-wide networks for STEM and Law degree students, have allowed us to provide tailored service to both our company sponsors and student network.


The JUCS platform has played a significant role in retaining talents for the Hong Kong economy, and together with our supporting organisations, media partners, and supporting societies, we will continue to maintain top quality support for our ever-growing network of companies and students.


Grace Yau and Kevin Wong

President, UK Joint University Hong Kong Career Society


Mr. Bernard Chan, GBS, JP

HKSAR Executive Council Member

The UK Joint University Hong Kong Informative Career Fair is now looking forward to its third year. With two full fairs already organized, it has established itself as a valuable forum in which high-quality youngsters from Hong Kong who have been studying in the UK can come together with leading local employers looking for talented new recruits. The previous fair’s success was a result of careful event organization and targeting of student and employer audiences, resulting in a convenient and useful opportunity for all concerned. It looks set to continue filling this important niche in serving young Hong Kong career-seekers and our growing industries. I wish the next fair and all participants every success.