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Words from President 



Building connections is at the heart of our work at the UK Joint University Hong Kong Career Society (JUCS). Whether it be bridging the Hong Kong student communities in the UK through our 40 supporting societies, or connecting high-calibre students with career opportunities offered by industry-leading companies in our events, the JUCS platform provides invaluable career support and advocates a proactive career culture within the UK-HK student body.


We established JUCS 10 years ago with the aim of bridging the gap between Hong Kong students studying overseas and employers in Hong Kong. Today, our society remains the largest student career network in the UK, comprising members from diverse academic backgrounds and various universities. Our events, such as company visits, career fairs, and recruitment talks, annually attract over 900 students, while we proudly collaborate with more than 50 leading companies across a wide range of industries as our official partners. As we continue to strengthen our relationships with partnering societies and enhance our presence in major universities, we anticipate engaging and attracting even more high-achieving students to join our network and benefit from our events.

JUCS is committed to providing exceptional service, connecting sponsors with passionate and capable candidates, and supporting students in their career journeys. Through our extensive networks and collaborations with partner societies, we offer tailored solutions for sponsors, recommending outstanding talent and facilitating valuable connections. Simultaneously, we empower students by providing access to exclusive opportunities, industry insights, and job placements. Our goal is to foster mutually beneficial relationships and serve as a bridge between sponsors and talented students, ensuring success for both parties.


The JUCS platform has played a significant role in retaining talents for the Hong Kong economy, and together with our supporting organisations, media partners, and supporting societies, we will continue to maintain top quality support for our ever-growing network of companies and students.


Marx Wong

President, UK Joint University Hong Kong Career Society

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