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Founded in 2013, the UK Joint University Hong Kong Career Society is a unique organisation of career-focused students with outstanding ability to manage sophisticated projects. Our aim is to provide Hong Kong students studying in the UK with opportunities to understand the economy and career opportunities that await them at home. Our dedicated members work as a team to create a platform for discovering and sharing new opportunities, and promoting a long term and mutually beneficial relationship between competent students and well-established companies.

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JUCS gathers tip-top professionals in the most sort after fields in one place. On the webinars, at the careers fair, you'll be able to interact with bankers, investors, lawyers, consultants, actuarialist, allowing for the best jobs and internship opportunities.


JUCS fosters the discussions of the challenges and benefits working at one of the most unique cities in the world, Hong Kong, deepening student's understanding of the landscape of business.


JUCS encourages the exploration of students, giving directions and tools for the creation of their own  career pathways, discovering and innovating as they move forward.

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